Donation Rewards

What you will get for your money;

I’m keeping it simple.

$20 – $100

You will receive a certificate in the form of a jpg, to the value of 150% of your donation, to be used in my shop now, or later for the toys when they come into being.The jpg is print quality, for your amusement. It might look nice on your wall!

I must ask for your indulgence in allowing me to charge you shipping.


$110 – $300;

artdecolittleblackA Tshirt? (she said uncertainly.) I have this really lovely design. It wraps around one of my sculpts in 3d. It would look so well printed in gold ink. Over the heart, I think. There might be a company logo. Which no one but you will recognise yet. You can be stealthy and pretty at the same time!

I’ll take sizes and color preferences as we go, I suppose.

teeartdecoblack teeartdecowhite

$310 and more;

Got any notions? I’m so open you have no idea…


For you, my donors and investors, I want to keep the risks to a minimum. I have put this appeal off for a very long time– years, literally– until I felt sure that I would be able to deliver … something, at any rate. You might not find anything you want to redeem your certificate on. You might have to wait longer than I want, for the tshirts to come forth. (I hope within two more months).
I promise to keep people appraised of progress!

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