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inspirationheaderSex toys;

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with them personally; I love what they can do for me and my partner, I hate how they look. I have too flamboyant an imagination to be satisfied with the current super-sleek quasi-ergonomic designs, and am too far past teenhood to be happy with lime green, baby blue, or hot pink. I’m not clued into the purple-is-womyn aesthetic either. And they sometimes affront my dignity.

 I am attracted to ornate embellishment, gleaming metal.

And that’s what I want to create now, in a brand-new line of sex toys; Baroque, Art Deco, Art Nouveau.

Creations that pay homage to the beauty

of the women they serve, that satisfy a desire for line and ornament. That enhance romance, and dignity. That combine salacious pleasure, delicate sensibility, practical construction, and modern technology in one gorgeous package.

Would you like to help me bring this vision to fruition?

I am accepting donations via paypal. (I can’t use Kickstarter, on account of my design matter!) Poke the gold button to the right, or click here

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