New concepts for Costume Horns

These are the largest wearable horns I’ve ever made, six and seven inches tall! They are experimental– I’m trying to find the lightest possible way to craft them, and there’s a balance between lightweight and sturdy. So these may crack suddenly on the wearer… I hope not, because I couldn’t stop myself from decorating and finishing them! In any case, the materials that I’ve used will mend securely with Super Glue.

(EDIT) I have made a few pairs, and they are available for sale on my storenvy store;

Desert Raider Zombie Hunter

This is Wolf, heading into the canebreak.

We made this outfit for the Wasteland event…

Wrap pants in a double layer of muslin to the knees, with canvas tube for the lower half. The shirt is an approximation of the same technique.

Wolf hotglued and tied bundles of corn straw to make the hat.

The furs are courtesy of my dear friend Walter. All the weaponry, and those amazing elkhide boots, circa 1970, courtesy of Keith Longino.

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