First mold for sculpted wing elements

For some reason, I did these little wings in plastalina, which really isn’t the best choice for detailed items under two inches in size. I just wanted to have that oily texture under my fingertips and the nostalgic scent, I guess. I got them as clean as I could, and cast them in plaster, as we see here. Plaster can take remarkable detail. Enlarge the image, and you will see threadlike areas which are simply rough clay that i couldn’t smooth (not without my fumbling fingers wrecking some other place) . Now I can do a little bit of finishing in the plaster, then push sculpy into it, pull the shaped sculpy out again– hopefully it won’t distort too much in the process– and bake and sand the sculpy to refine the elements. Whew, what a lot of work!


But the result will let me make clean molds for casting.


What am I going to do with these wings? I can think of a lot of things! They could become jewelry or applique elements– perhaps Kristi Smart could make some use of them. I need them for my next haberdashery project. It’s top secret– don’t tell anyone– but I plan to make epaulettes. 😉

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