My Promises to my contributers

What I will do with the money;

crazymessBuy materials, first and foremost; silicone for molds and casts, wax for sculpts. If I see enough funding I might indulge myself in some fancy wax pens and heat blades.
A portion will get spent on legal help in creating this company the right way, and keeping it right. My dream is to create something sustaining; the second women-and-queer founded and operated sex toy manufactory.

What is my business plan;

Right now… it’s just to make some toys and put them into the hands of eager hedonists. The joy of toymaking is that I can start with a single mold, make my toys one at a time, in my garage. I can add molds as I sculpt, and then I can make copies of my molds so that I can make more than one at a time– until I have to move out of my garage into some sweaty shed in some rundown industrial park, and buy my materials by the drum. After that, the sky’s the limit baby!

But somewhere along the way, there will be a proper office. With an accountant, and a manager to keep the warehouse– there will be a warehouse– stocked and sorted, and the studio– which might be more than only me, who knows– humming with productivity.



For you, my donors and investors, I want to keep the risks to a minimum. I have put this appeal off for a very long time– years, literally– until I felt sure that I would be able to deliver … something, at any rate. You might not find anything you want to redeem your certificate on. You might have to wait longer than I want, for the tshirts to come forth. (I hope within two more months).
I promise to keep people appraised of progress!

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