Ephemera’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

I do love to design. I love to go over the top.

These are me being restrained. Really! Sort of. In a way, which I shall explain.


packages I have always loved ephemera. I have collections– can labels, fruit labels, even– and this is hard to admit to– toilet paper roll labels. I like the stuff that is utilitarian. In France, the fruitier’s shops had small thin brown paper bags that exhort you to “Mangez Des Fruits,” with varying vintages of graphic sensibility. I have one in a little gold frame over my sink– also, the wrapper from a single “Les Papillons” brand blood orange. I have seen product labels like these– some sort of ornate border with the company’s name and then a space where the plebeian typewriter denotes the package’s contents. I lust for them. Now, I can make my own.

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