Unicorn horns!

Years and years ago I dreamed that a family of unicorns stopped by a friend’s house. Mama was in the kitchen with my friend, talking cooking and child rearing. Her husband, a dashing fellow, was out in the garage with the other guys, while their little filly trotted around the yard with the human kids.
I woke up laughing that my subconscious thinks in the most hackneyed of nuclear family dynamics, even for the most marvellous creatures.

Later on though, I started thinking about the details that I remembered- that Mama and baby had horns that spiralled in different directions, that Papa’s horn was *ahem* really big (again, could my subconcsious be any cruders and more obvious? Evidently not), and that it seemed that horns’ growth patterns could be altered by the wearer. And I was inspired, eventually, to sculpt examples.
Here’s one; a very small horn, less than 14 inches long, and as delicately fluted as a sea shell.

I plan to cast these lovely things in opalescent resin.


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