A hand made computer bag

I began this about two months ago, got so frustrated that I put it aside– after, not before, I cannibalised parts of my commercial (and cut-rate) computer bag to make it. Last week though, I got serious again– i would say that I tore out and re-sewed every seam at least twice, and some of them many more than that.

But isn’t it a beaut! It has exactly the pockets I need. It’s weather-worn and stained on the outside, courtesy of the two old canvas rucksacks I found in the garage– both in very good condition– and then the inside is a little bit like going down the rabbit hole, with these watery greens and blues, and the elaborate patterns.

One line of pockets is made of the mesh from my old one, including the zipper. the others are made from mesh “non-slip” shelf liner from the dollar store. I tried to rip that stuff with all my strength, so I think we’re good on that.

Of course I now know a better way to put together a multi-compartmented bag, just because I DID IT WRONG on this one.

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