Big big masks in progress

This pair of behmoths will become a genial devil and an ecstatic angel. We have three weeks to make it so, and zero budget.

Materials so far:

  • One large heavy-duty cardboard box with Styrofoam packing shapes still inside.
  • two long lightwieght cardboard boxes
  • A couple of amazon cardboard book wrappers
  • A couple weeks worth of newspaper ads.

We took out zero budget to Home Depot and overran it by a few hundred percent buying a single roll of packing tape and a couple box cutters.

Guys, this was one of those days when all of your years of experience and your analytical skills AND your hand-eye coordination– all come together in a perfect symphony, yanno what I mean?

I looked at this miserable handful of garbage, and I saw how to cut the big box to make the largest triangles possible, I saw how to cut the long boxes into wide strips, how to bow them across the shape to create the brows, cheekbones, jaw and chins of two very distinct characters. And, we did.

We cut the styrofoam into struts, and balled up newspaper to stuff under and hold the shapes.

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