Sun-Washed blue Daily Shopping Bag



These bags are white with a warm grey stripe. I’ve added a wacky medley of colors and patterns for the handles– pink and green cabana stripe, some sort of cinnamon with cookie flowers, and a couple of indigo denim, all top stitched with cherry red for your amusement.

They fold up pretty small. 🙂 Buy four, and I will provide a free stuff sack to keep them in!

My bags are upcycled from carefully chosen bed linens. The percale makes them sturdy enough to use day after day. They measure about 18 inches across by 20, more or less– plenty of room for your crackers, cans, and veggies. And they are strong enough to carry the weight. The bags are reinforced with canvas at the handles, to handle the strain of your sack of potatoes, or your liters of soda.

Care is easy; when they get dirty, toss then in the laundry with everything else. Bleach won’t hurt them– they look better and better as they fade with use.


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