Mermaid Victorian Revival calling cards




This little lady is not actually Victorian. You can tell by the heavy-lidded come-hither look in her eyes, as well as the little four-pointed star that winks off of her bubble. She’s a relic of the early seventies, and I’ve enhanced that by treating her to a psychedelic color wash. Your page of printed cards will provide you with two each of your chosen colorway; You can offer whatever matches your mood.

Isn’t she adorable? She’s adorable! I can think of a hundred uses for her myself.

That bubble could provide you with a place for your favorite motto, your blog url, your engagement news… whatever you can think of.

“Come up and see me sometime.”

Include your particulars in the payment notes, and I will typeset them for you. I want to make sure you know: there is nearly no restriction on what I set for you, or the content. One line or five, it’s all good 🙂

YOU ARE PURCHASING: a PDF file that prints ten business-sized cards on one sheet of paper.

Please specify US Letter size or A4. Also if you prefer cutting lines– for your own cardstock– or none– for precut office supply business card sheets.


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