Edgewood Queen Anne Revival calling cards for you to print




The designation “Queen Anne” is a misnomer, as the lady was dead for two centuries before the style came into being, and she would never have recognised anything in the particularly American version!

The Queen Anne Victorian era was the late 1980s– the Turn of The Twentieth Century. It was a time of ebullient optimism, barbershop quartets and sweeping walking skirts, the beginning of the industrial expansion. Architectually it was a period of delicate fretwork embellishments on many-roomed “Cottages.” As the child of an architect I visited this one often; The Lucky Baldwin Cottage, at the Los Angeles Arboretum. Within my files I found an old flyer about the place, bordered with a leaf-and-flourish motif, which I have translated as you see, into a simple, dignified and lighthearted calling card redolent of Walking Skirts and barbershop quartets…

Choose from a variety of color effects.


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