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  1. CR

    Have you considered html based shopping carts as an alternative to the php catalog based systems you were referring to? It’s an inexpensive way to have a complete back end system while you retain ALL creative and SEO control. You have everything from Mals (free) to 1shoppingcart, ultracart, etc. I find the back end very user friendly, while all the advanced options exist, you don’t have to use any of them. Mals (free) is VERY simple, hundreds of handcrafters I know use this system.

    If you want creative control, you have it without having to touch php, just stick to simple htm/css if php isn’t your forte. You should absolutely have your dream store, even if it’s a virtual one. Don’t settle for less than the shop of your dreams!

    If you want to build your dream store yourself there are so many ways, you can do the html/css mentioned above or you could buy a custom template for volusion or bigcommerce, two terrific very user friendly (etsyish) platforms. It all depends on your budget, coding experience and how much you enjoy designing and coding a page.

    Yes, wordpress and etsy deliver content quickly to search engines but search engine success still relies entirely on your content. If you don’t use keywords people are searching for people still wouldn’t be able to find you.

    Just my food for thought, on someone who’s obsessed with ecommerce platforms. I’ve tried every single one that exists over the years and I’m still waiting for that perfect system. It doesn’t exist yet, but I have high hopes. :>)

  2. Hex And Wolf
  3. Walter Matera

    I love it! In time, when the pain wears down, I’ll be looking to get something to play with my eventual new partner. Give me a chance to get things straightened out on this end and I think I’ll be able to be helpful. It’s taking longer than I would like . . .