From the collection of Ronald and Doris Smart, my parents. Many of them come from the Pacific Islands, my parent’s favorite place to be on earth. One– the spikey distorted thing seen in two pictures– came from the 1970’s Renaissance Faire (I think) and the rest probably came from swap meets and yard sales. They range around the big Kitchen, keeping the cooks company. I think they look… hungry.Read More →

Years and years ago I dreamed that a family of unicorns stopped by a friend’s house. Mama was in the kitchen with my friend, talking cooking and child rearing. Her husband, a dashing fellow, was out in the garage with the other guys, while their little filly trotted around the yard with the human kids. I woke up laughing that my subconscious thinks in the most hackneyed of nuclear family dynamics, even for the most marvellous creatures. Later on though, I started thinking about the details that I remembered- that Mama and baby had horns that spiralled in different directions, that Papa’s horn was *ahem*Read More →

These are the largest wearable horns I’ve ever made, six and seven inches tall! They are experimental– I’m trying to find the lightest possible way to craft them, and there’s a balance between lightweight and sturdy. So these may crack suddenly on the wearer… I hope not, because I couldn’t stop myself from decorating and finishing them! In any case, the materials that I’ve used will mend securely with Super Glue. (EDIT) I have made a few pairs, and they are available for sale on my storenvy store;Read More →

This pair of behmoths will become a genial devil and an ecstatic angel. We have three weeks to make it so, and zero budget. Materials so far: One large heavy-duty cardboard box with Styrofoam packing shapes still inside. two long lightwieght cardboard boxes A couple of amazon cardboard book wrappers A couple weeks worth of newspaper ads. We took out zero budget to Home Depot and overran it by a few hundred percent buying a single roll of packing tape and a couple box cutters. Guys, this was one of those days when all of your years of experience and your analytical skills AND yourRead More →

I recently started thinking about playing a ferocious clown, and yes, I admit it– I was inspired by the lanky adolescent stoner juggalo troll from Homestuck. Gamzee Makara’s character is about as far away from mine as it’s possible to get, probably why I am so enamored of him! I picked up this inexpensive but gets-good-reviews makeup; Snazaroo. Gamzee only uses white and black, but the stuff can be found in inexpensive three-packs, and his other color is indigo purple. And red is always handy. I picked out a three pack of white, black, and purple, and another of white, black, and red, which doubledRead More →

I began this about two months ago, got so frustrated that I put it aside– after, not before, I cannibalised parts of my commercial (and cut-rate) computer bag to make it. Last week though, I got serious again– i would say that I tore out and re-sewed every seam at least twice, and some of them many more than that. But isn’t it a beaut! It has exactly the pockets I need. It’s weather-worn and stained on the outside, courtesy of the two old canvas rucksacks I found in the garage– both in very good condition– and then the inside is a little bit likeRead More →

For some reason, I did these little wings in plastalina, which really isn’t the best choice for detailed items under two inches in size. I just wanted to have that oily texture under my fingertips and the nostalgic scent, I guess. I got them as clean as I could, and cast them in plaster, as we see here. Plaster can take remarkable detail. Enlarge the image, and you will see threadlike areas which are simply rough clay that i couldn’t smooth (not without my fumbling fingers wrecking some other place) . Now I can do a little bit of finishing in the plaster, then pushRead More →