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better sculpting

I poured wax over my fish scales yesterday. That was scary! The wax has to be hot enough to fuse with the base. If it pours onto the wrong place it will fuse there too. Right over all those scales that I’ve sweated over…

but I managed to keep it mostly under control.

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My Darling Merman

conch shellThe merman prosthetic, or fishdick as I find myself calling it… The green was the first iteration. Every time I tried to clean up the details the sculpey just crumbled away. So I’ve gone to wax– that’s the blue. It’s been a learning process! You can’t push wax around with your thumbs like you can clay. On the other hand it can take hairline detail. So now I have to learn how to carve hairlines.

(No I am NOT going to call him Moby!)


The first two pics show how rough I was working at first– the one on my red-jeaned knees comes a little closer to my vision. I want the scales to shimmer in line with each other as the light hits the body. Mermen are sleek!

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Beginning the Beautiful Dildo!

quatrainSee these? These are a primitive, rough, unfinished and unsatisfying version of what is in my head.  They have their own naive Charm, I think– but far too abrasive for the purpose of fricative, shall we say, pleasure.

This is more like it. Ornate enough to please my eye, but smooth and controlled.
And that was yesterday– Wait till you see today’s progress! (You will as soon as my camera battery recharges)

Each day in each way I get closer to my goal– and one thing that has brought me closer is changing my materials. After my learning curve the wax I am now using is doing exactly what I needed it to do. And those materials have to be bought… Will you help me?

My first goal is 50 dollars so that I can buy twice as much wax as I can if I buy it at 15 dollars a pound– by the way, I can buy it from someone who formulates it himself and who was in a debilitating accident this year, so I would love to shoot a little business his way.

And my second need is 200 dollars so I can take a class in making molds and casting my first prototypes. That class happens in three weeks, by the way.

Any funds over that… well, the more casting materials I have the more mistakes I can troubleshoot. And pretty soon, there will be something new and beautiful in the world!

I have been told that “presales” are a dumb idea at this stage. But if you are interested, I will issue you an IOU for 150% of your donation towards a purchase of one of these fine works-of-art-to-be 🙂

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