A little Library

It is a hobby of mine, to refine the crude results of e-book conversions. Sometimes I do this on books that are within copyright and of course I can’t share them– they are in a sense, my private library of rebound books.
Others are in the public domain, taken from Gutenberg or similar sites.

Allow me to share one of them with you.

cover This is the only work I have yet read by Oliver La Farge. It’s a delightful little story, full of  magical-realism, set in the Southwest.  I have a feeling that R.A. Lafferty might have been influenced by him. Download; Epub or Mobi






The great masterpiece by Herman Hesse.
Translated by Basil Creighton (1929) Updated by Joseph Mileck (1963)
Illustrations with kind permission by  Ignacio Serrano (2005) http://www.ignacioserrano.com

Download; epub

A Gallery of Masks

From the collection of Ronald and Doris Smart, my parents.

Many of them come from the Pacific Islands, my parent’s favorite place to be on earth. One– the spikey distorted thing seen in two pictures– came from the 1970’s Renaissance Faire (I think) and the rest probably came from swap meets and yard sales. They range around the big Kitchen, keeping the cooks company. I think they look… hungry.

My Promises to my contributers

What I will do with the money; Buy materials, first and foremost; silicone for molds and casts, wax for sculpts. If I see enough funding I might indulge myself in some fancy wax pens and heat blades. A portion will get spent on legal help in creating this company the …

Donation Rewards

What you will get for your money; I’m keeping it simple. $20 – $100 You will receive a certificate in the form of a jpg, to the value of 150% of your donation, to be used in my shop now, or later for the toys when they come into being.The …


I’ll come right out and admit it– I’m a hedonist. I’m hypersexual. And, I’m kind of romantic. And, I have an over-developed esthetic sensibility. From my first years of well.. boning, I’ve experienced conflicted feelings about sex toys. First and foremost, they felt wonderful! but they looked… well. They just …

better sculpting

I poured wax over my fish scales yesterday. That was scary! The wax has to be hot enough to fuse with the base. If it pours onto the wrong place it will fuse there too. Right over all those scales that I’ve sweated over… but I managed to keep it …

My Darling Merman

The merman prosthetic, or fishdick as I find myself calling it… The green was the first iteration. Every time I tried to clean up the details the sculpey just crumbled away. So I’ve gone to wax– that’s the blue. It’s been a learning process! You can’t push wax around with …

Beginning the Beautiful Dildo!

See these? These are a primitive, rough, unfinished and unsatisfying version of what is in my head.  They have their own naive Charm, I think– but far too abrasive for the purpose of fricative, shall we say, pleasure. This is more like it. Ornate enough to please my eye, but …